Closing 2016

2016 was bad. 2016 needs to just end. I’m sure you’ve heard that a few times already. And yes, I’m all for acknowledging the bad things that happened this year. You shouldn’t live your life with your head buried in the sand about the reality of the world that we live in. But, if you’re going to dedicate time to looking at all the bad things, you need to equally acknowledge all the good things that happened. Yes there are terrible things happening around the world. But there are also incredible things. The world has never been better and it is improving. But it can’t get even better if we only focus on problems and not solutions too. It can’t get better if we don’t celebrate and support people, organisations and governments when they get things right. So enough about how bad 2016 was. 2016 was awesome. A lot of really inspiring things happened this year around the world and these are some of my personal favourites:  


For more inspiring stories, I highly recommend checking out the following articles as a start:


For me personally, 2016 was a year of change and huge personal growth. I focused on my strengths and spent a lot of time finding my place. I launched the Doing Good Podcast and met so many inspiring entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and changemakers from around the world. I was inspired and motivated by the people who are pioneering social change in all industries and solidified my belief that most of the solutions to the world’s problems are already out there and that partnerships will drastically accelerate impact. I came to the realisation that even though the world’s problems are huge and complicated, that individually, if everyone makes small changes to their lifestyles, we can radically change the world in my lifetime.  


What were your highlights in 2017? What did you achieve personally that you’re proud of? What good news story did you come across that inspired or motivated you?


Let’s all do more good.


2017, I'm running towards you with open arms! 

Image Credit:  Dallas Clayton

Image Credit: Dallas Clayton