#11 - 3 Easy Things You Can Do To Create Impact These Holidays

The silly season is in full swing! And although, I love this time of year because of the special time I get to spend at home with my family and friends, I can't quite wrap my head around the craziness in the shopping malls and supermarkets. Apart from being absolute chaos, are you noticing the consumerism and materialism? #guilty This is a quick episode about how you can do good over the Christmas season with 3 simple and EASY-PEASY tips to make this time of year truly the GIVING time of year. 


I really do believe that you can still have a great time celebrating AND if everyone makes small conscious changes, the impact can be huge. 


Big impact doesn’t have to be hard. It starts with small changes. I’m not even saying that you have to radically modify your lifestyle. But if everyone makes small conscious changes to their lifestyle, collectively the impact will be huge. These a just a few quick things that I’ve identified, but I’d love to hear from you about what things small things are you doing this year to create social impact? Happy holidays everyone! 

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