#2 - David Nosibor - Social Innovation in Mazars

David Nosibor is the Innovation Evangelist at Mazars, a global audit and accounting firm. David describes himself an intrapreneur, that is, someone within an organisation that is entrepreneurial and is making change from within. We find out what he does to promote innovation within a company that is typically seen as traditional and how he has incorporated social impact as part of his work. We touch on how Mazars, as an auditing company thinks about corporate social responsibility. How involved should a multinational corporation be in social good, social impact and sustainability. Do corporations have a responsibility to social impact? David and Mazars think so. Among the topics we discuss, one that I find most interesting is on Mazars award-winning human rights audit and consultancy service for businesses. They are the only audit and accounting firm to offer this service and are ongoing advocates for businesses to demonstrate respect for human rights.  David is a very familiar face to me. We met about two years ago when Mazars was launching a social entrepreneurship competition called Mazars For Good. We actually then got close over a shared appreciation for soca music from Trinidad and Tobago which we discovered over a Twitter exchange! David is a lot of fun to chat to in this interview so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Favourite quote from episode:

“You have to make things happen if you want to see things change” – David [07:46]


People/ items mentioned in this episode:

·      Mazars

·      Mazars For Good Innovation Challenge

·      Mazars human rights consulting

·      Richard Karmel

·      Tapp Philippines

·      Project Inspire

·      How to keep motivated & maintain a positive mindset – blog by David


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Show notes

  • David shares his exciting news [03:36]
  • How did you decide to make that decision (to change your career), and how did you have the conversation with your boss that ended up in you moving to Singapore and having a really cool role that you were looking for? [08:46]
  • What does Mazars do in the social impact or development space? [11:16]
  • How do you get buy-in from your boss/ company/ teams around the world to execute a social impact program in your organization? [22:10]
  • Mazars human rights consulting: the business case [34:00]
  • David predicts the future of non-profits, social businesses and the role of multinationals like Mazars [40:17]
  • “At some point you’re going to need either an accountant or an auditor [46:52]
  • Three Things [54:00]
  • “Can’t knock the hustle” [01:00:00]


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